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Additional battery for TLK1022 walkie-talkie - NUM'AXES brand

This additionnal battery will allow you to to have a backup battery for your walkie talkie.

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Below is a list of helpful tips for getting the best results with the walkie talkie

  •     Do not use the transceiver in the area where the government prohibits it.
  •     Do not expose the transceiver to direct sunlight for a period of time, or place it near the heaters.
  •     Do not place the transceiver in excessively dusty, damp, or unstable areas.
  •     If the transceiver emits smoke or strange odors, turn it off and remove the battery from the transceiver.

Charging the battery


  • Do not recharge the battery if it is fully charged. This can shorten the life of the battery or even damage the battery
  • If the battery temperature is too high (over 60 ° C), charging stops. Wait until the battery temperature drops to recharge it again.

Inserting and removing the battery


  • Do not short-circuit the battery terminals or dispose of the battery in fire or garbage.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or open the battery.
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