Canicalm Sonic - NUM'AXES bark control collar

The ultrasonic bark control, CANICALM Sonic, was specially developed for very sensitive dogs. This bark collar for small and very sensitive dog will allow you to control gently excessive barkings of your pet.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra light – only 52 g
  • No static stimulation
  • Easy to use

Product features

  • 3 operating modes:
    ultrasounds + vibrations
  • Triggered by the vibrations of the dog’s vocal cords
  • Low battery indicator: beep sound indicator
  • Adjustable bark detection sensitivity
  • On/Off and mode selection with a magnetic key

Reliable and efficient

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Shower proof
  • Battery life: 90 days (on a basis of 12 hours use and 24 triggers a day)


  • Weight: 52 g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 64 x 30 x 25 mm
  • Power: 1 3-V CR2450 Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Black nylon strap - length 64 cm / width 20 mm – adjustable for neck sizes from 17 up to 55 cm

Advices for the best results with your bark control collar

The owner's involvement during the first use of the product is a key factor in obtaining the best results.

Do not leave your dog unattended with the bark control collar on until he is used to wearing it and you are satisfied that it is working properly.

Closely watch your dog during the first days' use.

When your dog starts barking, let the collar operate without interference. Any interference on your part could be taken as a sign of consideration and consequently barking would be considered an effective mean to attract your attention.

As soon as your dog stops barking, congratulate him (not excessively) by stroking him, verbally flattering him or giving him dry food so as to encourage him to behave himself.

Remember that barking can indicate some behavioral problems. The bark control collar will allow you to resolve problems caused by excessive barking.

The bark control collar should be used only on dogs over 6 months old.

Before using the collar, have your dog checked by your veterinarian.

Regularly check your dog's neck as repeated rubbing of the contact points against the animal's skin may cause irritation. If this happens, remove the collar until all signs of skin irritation have disappeared.

Do not leave the collar more than 8 hours per day on your dog.

1 Canicalm Sonic bark collar equipped with a short sensor

1 black nylon strap

1 3-V CR2450 Lithium battery

1 magnetic key (magnet)

1 long sensor (recommended if your dog has long hair)

1 screwdriver

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